Who's Missing: Equity an dInclusion in the City

What is Conversations Regarding Tacoma?

We are a group of design, architecture and urban planning professionals who have a passion for making Tacoma a better place for everyone who lives here. To this end, in 2009 we began organizing public conversations throughout Tacoma to provide information, provoke thought, and create a dialogue about the city’s built environment. Hosted each Spring and Fall, we focus on issues relevant to Tacoma’s urban neighborhoods and downtown core. Take a look below to see what’s been discussed in past events.

Our next event will help us to see the city’s design through an equity lens. All built environments exclude–sometimes by design, though too often it’s because we fail to imagine all the ways people may experience the spaces and places comprising the city once they’ve been built.  As Tacoma continues its efforts towards equity, we take this opportunity to examine how particular spaces and places variously include and exclude on the basis of race, gender, class, age, and legal status.

In particular, we examine how “open” and “public” are not guarantees, and look for ways of capturing and understanding exclusivity and inclusivity in our neighborhood spaces and places.

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Past Conversations

Designing for Youth: Korbett Mosesly, City of Tacoma
Designing for Youth: Dani Shepherd, Consultant at Fablab
Designing for Youth: Casey Adams, Leader at Tinkergarden
Designing for Youth: Michael Mirra, Tacoma Housing Authority
Designing for Youth: Krystal Hogaboam, Owner of Channing Baby & Co.
Designing for Youth: Kayla Schroader, Owner and Founder of The Pod Works
Designing for Youth: Kristin Tinder, Co-Director, SOTA-SAMI-IDEA-Next Move Partner Schools
Designing for Youth: Daniel Frederick, Director of Community Development, The Coffee Oasis
Affordable Tacoma: Brett Marlo DeSantis of Brett Marlo Designs + Brett Marlo Design Build
Affordable Tacoma: Anne Taufen, Associate Professor, School of Urban Studies, UW Tacoma
Affordable Tacoma: Armen Papyan and Adan Espino, Student Leadership at UW Tacoma
Affordable Tacoma: Brian Boudet, AICP, Planning Division Manager, City of Tacoma
Affordable Tacoma: Douglas Ito, AIA, Principal, SMR Architects
Affodable Tacoma: Cady Chintis, architect & developer, WC STUDIO
Affordable Tacoma: Jacques Colon, 2025 Strategic Manager, City of Tacoma
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